ELDERCare Massage therapists are all independent contractors, certified, licensed and insured. 

We are dedicated to providing skilled therapeutic massage with genuine care and concern for the well being of our senior clients.


Giulsie Crop Photo

Giuliana Dalsgaard, CMT, S4OM                                                                                               Certified Wholistic Massage Therapist / Geriatric Massage Therapist / Member Society for Oncology Massage / Director ~ ELDERCare Massage

As founder of ELDERCare Massage, I am honored to provide Therapeutic Touch to help support our aging population with their increasing need for physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  My extensive training in Geriatric Massage has taught me how to massage an aging body in the many stages of life and how to pay attention, be present and fully support the elder with tenderness and love. 

As a Certified Wholistic Massage Therapist, I have an understanding of the human body and it’s need for balance, proper nutrition, love, nurturing and healing touch.

With society demanding more and more of our time, much neglect is happening with senior loved ones. We offer more than just massage services. We offer supportive connection and take a sincere interest in our clients. 

ELDERCare Massage is a team of gifted, trustworthy, certified massage therapists, who care deeply about making a difference in the quality of life for the people we work with.

My senior clients come from all walks of life with so many varied experiences. I work with healthy, energetic individuals and end of life seniors wanting palliative care. Other clients suffer emotional loss of loved ones, memory loss or drastic changes in their physical abilities due to illness, trauma or just the effects of an aging body.

My extensive background working with people living with cancer and other illnesses has solidified my ambition, drive and belief that we must provide more comfort, love and healing touch to our growing population of seniors.

“The healing effects that come with the power of touch are remarkable. I believe fully in the gifts that we bring and I look forward to meeting you for only the beginning or our long lasting relationships.”


Sky Hill Institute – Wholistic Massage Therapy , Reiki Practioner

Day-Break Geriatric Massage Institute – Geriatric Massage – Level 1 & 2                      Massage treatments tailored to geriatric clients with varying needs.

Massage Therapy Institute – Oncology Massage 1 & 2                                                           Massage for People Living with Cancer,  Palliative Care

Gerson Institute – Nutritional Healing for cancer treatment and more

Marin Section on Aging – Member and continuing education


Specialty Services:

  • Geriatric Massage – from robust to frail
  • Oncology Massage – people living with cancer
  • Massage for Memory Care – people living with Alzheimer or Dimentia
  • Reiki Practitioner – energy healing through gentle touch
  • Massage for Palliative Care – end of life gentle touch
  • Guided Meditation – visual aid for healing
  • Acupressure / Reflexology – stimulate energetic meridians
  • Swedish Massage – stimulates circulation & relaxation
  • Spirit Coaching – supports mental & emotional well being

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Gil Crop Photo

Gil Rutherford, CMT, DOMTP

Certified Massage Therapist / Diplomate of Osteopathic Manipulation, Theory and Practice (Canada)

I have been offering healing work for 30 years and have been officially licensed since 2007. I see my work with ELDERCare Massage as an extension of the care and support that I have been sharing with my own mother during the most recent 15 years of her 30 years with Parkinson’s disease.  I have experience with Geriatric Massage Treatments in Chiropractic Offices and Health and Fitness Clubs.

All of my life, I have valued the stories and experiences of those born before me. We all need touch, especially those who are living at a distance from family and friends, or who have lost friends from their middle years. I would aspire with time to become a close acquaintance or even a friend to those I serve.


Lane College – Massage Technician

Barral Institute – Visceral & Neural Manipulation

Osteopathic College of Ontariao, Dr. Steve Sanet, DO – Diplomate of Osteopathic Manipulation, Theory & Practice

Services Offered:

  • Lymphatic Drainage – stimulates lymphatic system (immunity)
  • Gentle, Active/Passive Resisted Stretching –  non-massage muscle release technique
  • Myofascial Release – light pressure fascia relaxation
  • Neural Manipulation – releasing nerve restriction can relax tendon, ligament and muscle
  • Visceral Manipulation – releases internal tissue tensions
  • Swedish Massage – relaxation & circulation
  • Life Coaching – supports self acceptance

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