ELDERCare Massage is unique in the way we support and promote a better quality of life for our clients.

Elder on table We deliver professional, compassionate therapeutic touch in a way that is custom to our elders’ needs. Our practitioners arrive with open hearts; whether to help with body pain, stiffness, range of motion, circulation, mental clarity, stimulation, or loneliness.

“Our intention is to pay attention, be present and support our clients in a manner that is most comfortable for them.”

Chair MassageELDERcare Massages are often done fully clothed, sitting in a favorite chair, in a hospital bed or wheel chair if needed. We can bring a massage table or massage chair to accommodate your preferences.  Music, sheets and blankets are provided as needed.

Elder handsWe are available to see clients as often as needed. Many seniors who are unable to walk regularly will schedule 2 – 3 massages weekly to help with circulation and mobility.

We assess our clients’ needs, look at their stage of life, surgeries, diagnosis, contraindications and lifestyle to provide the most comfortable and enjoyable service available.



If you have a room we can use for ‘chair’ or ‘table’ massage, we will create a space that invites relaxation for physical and emotional wellness.
 “I am truly grateful for the many opportunities I am given to work with elders.
I would love to be able to meet with you and discuss the many ways I can help bring
Massage services to your facility”
I have seen great success with elders who receive massage weekly. There is less anxiety, better blood circulation, mobility, memory, balance and focus, and there is a place to connect ‘one on one’ with someone who cares.
ELDERCare MASSAGE can help  with marketing, billing and promotion.
“Our interest is to help support seniors by bringing connection and comfort.”
  • Geriatric Massage Massaging the aging body… from robust to frail.
  • Oncology Massage People living with cancer
  • Reiki PractitionerEnergy healing through gentle touch
  • Massage for Palliative CareEnd of life gentle touch, includes Reiki & Acupressure
  • Guided Meditation Visual aid for healing
  • Acupressure / Reflexology Stimulate energetic meridians
  • Swedish MassageStimulates circulation, relaxation, increase range of motion
  • Spirit Coaching Supports mental & emotional well being
  • Lymphatic DrainageStimulates lymphatic system (immunity)
  • Gentle, Active/Passive Resisted Stretching Non-massage muscle release technique
  • Myofascial ReleaseLight pressure fascia relaxation
  • Neural Manipulation Releasing nerve restriction to relax tendon, ligament and muscle
  • Visceral Manipulation Releases internal tissue tension




    • Table Massage – Comfort of your own home  (1 hour)
      • We bring massage table, music, sheets, blankets, lotion
      • $150 / hour   
      • $120 / hour / visit  (weekly visits) 
    • Chair Massage / Hospital Bed – Comfort of your own home (1/2 hour)
      • Clothes on 
      • We bring lotion, music
      • Massage for arms,  shoulders, hands, neck, head, legs, feet.
      • $75 / half hour
      • $60 / half hour / visit (weekly visits)



    • Appointments are made on one dedicated day of the week.
    • Chair, Hospital Beds or Wheel Chair Massage
      • In residents room or in a comfortable location.
      • Minimum of 4 weekly appointments needed for special rates and dedicated time.
      • $40 / half hour chair massage
      • $20 / 15 min chair massage



    • I understand there are various situations and needs. Please feel free to call me to discuss anything you might be unsure of. I will do my best to support you in what you need.  

                     Thank you ALL-Ways!

                     In Peace, Love and Light



Please CONTACT Us for more information.



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