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Gentle, Nurturing, Healing Touch for Aging People!

Specializing in ELDERCare Massage, we provide gentle touch to relax muscle tension and soothe chronic pain. Our professional practitioners offer safe, therapeutic massage for aging bodies that are sometimes compromised by illness or limited mobility.

Massage for Seniors is an ideal support for people who need relief from bodily aches and pains, or support with emotional anxiety and lonelinessIt’s a wonderful way to connect, reduce stress and experience a deep mind-body relaxation.

My senior clients come from all walks of life with so many varied experiences. I work with healthy, energetic individuals and end of life seniors wanting palliative care. Other clients suffer emotional loss of loved ones or drastic changes in their physical abilities due to illness, trauma or just the effects of an aging body.

I have witnessed incredible benefits for individuals with memory loss, or even depression.

My extensive background working with people living with cancer and other illnesses has solidified my ambition, drive and belief that we must provide more comfort, love and healing touch to our growing population of seniors.

There is abundant medical research proving that massage reduces inflammation and edema, increases the flow of blood and lymph circulation and can increase nerve responses.

Refer to MASSAGE NEWS for recent news articles.

We will travel to your desired location:

  • Home
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Senior Centers
  • Retirement Home
  • Nursing Home
  • Disability Center
  • Group house
  • Hospice

We Service:

  • Fiduciary Service Providers
  • Care Management Companies
  • Memory Care 
  • Senior Caregivers
  • Caretakers
  • Private family members
  • Alter-abled individuals
  • Seniors seeking massage

We Serve:

San Francisco(Marin County) & San Diego(Riverside & San Diego County’s)


Our practitioners are all Licensed, Insured, California Certified Massage Therapists who are also trained in Geriatric Massage. We provide accompaniment and massage services for travel itineraries, along with specialty massage for alter-abled and people living with cancer.

Our services are customized to meet your needs. 

Our goal is to offer a safe, friendly, professional massage while co-creating a beautiful relationship.

Refer to Our SERVICES for more on what we offer and our rates.

CONTACT Us for more information about ELDERCare Massage.

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